Thursday, June 28, 2007

What Do Vegetarians COOK?

Seitan, a vegan mock meat, is so easy to make and use! Tasty and high protein. You simply get some wheat gluten powder, just like people use in bread baking. Mix the gluten to water in a 1:1 ratio...I usually do 1 cup gluten and one cup water. Knead for 5 minutes, then cut into desired shape and simmer in very seasoned broth for one hour. Use in recipes.

Below: here's what the seitan looked like after I kneaded it and chopped it into chunks. Here, I am putting it into a savory broth.

Below: here's what it looked like after simmering in broth 1 hr.

below: here it is in a tasty faux "beef" and asparagus stir fry.

below: and here, I baked it with beans for a "beenie weenie" type summer picnic dish.


isaiah said...

Looks awesome! Gottta try it.

My 12 year old has decided to "eat less meat" and has been doing well. We did cheat a little on a cruise this past week...Tommy had some prime rib and I had some Turkey.

I'm concerned with Tommy's protein intake and his eating habits... as a 12 year old. At least now I don't have to cook just one meal only for me- I can include Tommy!

isaiah said...

"Savory broth"- like veggie broth?

Celeste said...

Yep, a veggie broth with tons of seasoning. It has to be highly seasoned, otherwise the seitan won't have as much taste. It's like tofu.

You can find some really good seitan broth recipes (and other great vegetarian recipes) in Sarah Kramer's book, "La Dolce Vegan". I highly recommend it, especially if you are cooking for a kid, because it has normal, everyday meals from regular stuff you have on hand.

isaiah said...