Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Renovation is WORK!

This is what we look like every weekend.

below: I hate, hate HATE those fruit tiles on the wall... (the piles of stuff are tools & supplies)

below: so my man is TAKING THEM OUT FOR ME! My brother, "Red Yeti" would approve the new Dremel bit DH had to buy to remove tile. Will replace with matching plain tile.

below: when buying a house, be sure to PRIMER even though supposedly you can paint over a good surface without it. Why? Because the former owners might have used oil based paint and then your latex paint will peel right off in great strips, just like this! Wasting all your work. Not to mention the hour it took to get this closet door rehung, and now we have to take it down and start over.

Instead of yelling, I took a lunch break.

below: downtown Athens...there's a shop with a live cat inside, when the store is closed he hangs out in the window. Here he is with his paws up the window, trying to get DH's attention.

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