Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hear What I Sound Like!

I was interviewed by Rox of Beachwalks for an audio podcast on yogic breathing. If you download the Enhanced version of the podcast, you should be able to see additional photos (somehow I can never get the enhanced version to show me the photos).


Rox of Beachwalks does a fantastic daily video blog during the week, where she discusses inspirational topics while walking along the beach on Oahu, Hawaii. On Saturdays, she does an audio podcast. I watch/listen to her show every day.

If you enjoy her show as much as I do, you might consider sending a donation to help defray the costs of putting on this free, daily show. Look for the "Share a Sand Dollar" link on Beachwalks' page.


Bethany said...

You sound exactly as I remember. I think I spoke to you on the phone once, after you moved back down south. You sound like that still.

Trev Diesel said...

Cool and inspirational! Awesome to hear you in that way! You brought up "The Anatomy of Hatha Yoga" again - I really need to get that damn thing out of the drawer and start studying it again. :)