Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Civic Duty

Special election today in my GA district, to replace Charlie Norwood (R) who passed away. In Athens, the election has received a lot of coverage. The expected winner is Whitehead (R), who is favored in the strong conservative voting bloc of Augusta.

Whitehead, despite being a a UGA alumnus and former Dawg player, has been quoted as saying that Athens is a liberal hotbed and that someone should drop a bomb on UGA. He also said that the Iraq war is irrelevant to our district.

Above is a sign that has been graffittied a couple times leading up to the race; it's on Hancock St. This is what it looked like this weekend. Earlier, on the top right hand corner, you can see they painted over earlier graffiti which said "War? What war?"

Yes, I voted. Not that I expect much to result from it.

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