Tuesday, June 05, 2007

8 Random Facts

I got tagged by Darrell with the Random 8 meme, but like Trev, I'm not passing it on. (it's already been passed to most of the blogs I read, anyway!).

So, the idea is to post 8 random facts about yourself. Here's mine:

1. Whooo OOoooo OOOOooo! Less than 6 degrees of separation. Trev posted that he was not able to go to his bank today because there was a robbery. When I lived in Atlanta, I worked for a social service agency that had a contract to provide crisis counseling to a large bank chain in the event of robbery. I did go out to a bank to facilitate a group debriefing of the staff immediately after a robbery had occurred.

2. My favorite flower is carnation. Recently I found out that some people dislike carnations because they think of them as funeral flowers. Y'all are missing out. Carnations have a wonderful spicy aroma and last a long time.

3. At the end of the month, DH and I are going to see The Police.

4. I share my home with 3 cats, one dog, one bird and one other human.

5. I battle migraine. Not too long ago, I had a migraine EVERY DAY for TWO YEARS. Prescribed medicines made it worse, much worse.

6. The only thing that has helped my migraine is the plan in the book, "Heal Your Headache" by David Buchholz, MD., a neurologist at Johns Hopkins University Hospital. I am now pretty much back to the way normal people live! I never believed in the theory of food intolerances and migraine, but after 2 years of daily & debilitating pain, I was ready to try anything. I can't argue with results, and his plan provided it. I discovered which foods (ex: bananas, oranges, nuts, caffeine and more) and activities (ex: not enough sleep, waiting too long to eat between meals) result in my migraine, and I am now OFF ALL PRESCRIPTIONS!

7. Last night I became enraged when I opened a book that I have to read for my next yoga teacher training. It's one of those victim blaming books that posits that every ailment you have is because of an emotional issue. As in ALL those books, migraine is listed as caused by the person "wanting attention". The absolute, abject cruelty in this kind of belief system boggles my mind. Another one I saw in there said that flat feet are caused by the person not having good boundaries btw. their personal and professional lives. I tell you all: anyone who knows me in person can attest that if I want attention, I can surely find ways to get it without "creating" a migraine in myself and suffering tremendous pain that makes me want to cut my head off. If you have migraine and need help, throw these kinds of books away and get "Heal Your Headache".

8. I harvested some wonderful mint from the garden at our Athens house this weekend, and plan on using it tonight in tabouli. I'm also considering making some mojitos this summer.

Addendum: As I thought about it, I realized that the heart of what bothers me about those "health" books is that for me, they imply that if your body is not "perfect", there is something intrinsically wrong with you as a person. I believe that nature is simply nature, and sometimes we get sick. Yes, there is a mind/body connection. At the same time, I think our culture reveres youth and perfection, giving a skewed understanding of illness, aging, and the dying process while conditioning us to believe we have to be 'perfect', 'flawless'. We are worthy just as we are, imperfect and with all our warts (going to look up warts in that book, HAH!).


Trev Diesel said...

Ya mojitos! By the way, I find Mojitos made with good VODKA and plenty of simple syrup to be WAAAY better than rum or other liqueurs. I guess to each is own, though.

Celeste said...

Thanks for the comment, Trev! I will try your suggestion. Vodka is the alcohol that supposedly best tolerated by people who have migraine.

isaiah said...

I just discovered Mojitos in Austin- didn't like 'em, but then again they were made with gin. I bet vodka would me much better.

"We are worthy just as we are, imperfect and with all our warts (going to look up warts in that book, HAH!)."

(remember Wayne's World)

Glad your migraines are gone- there is nothing, nothing worse.