Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Slice of History

This weekend, we found our first pieces of furniture for our Athens house. We plan on decorating in a retro style. Luck was with us as we scoped out an Athens retro resale shop named Agora.

We scored a matching pair of end tables that had just come in the day before. They are solid and heavy, with drawers that open and close smoothly. After we got them home and I was testing the drawers once again, one of them suddenly didn't close right. Peering inside, I discovered treasures....two photographs, a metallic paper party hat, an envelope postmarked 1965 containing receipts for a comforter, several calling cards engraved with names, and a paper folded cow decorated with cotton balls.

We also purchased a metal record player and album stand for our Traveler Stack-O-Matic by Crosley, a reissue of a retro portable party player. The reissued player has technology that minimizes the hiss from records. I'll be able to display my "Ray Anthony's Houseparty Hop", "Dean Martin Hits Again" and "Little Richard Big Hits!" records to name a few. AND my Guy Lombardo albums, even if people make fun of them. YES, I like Guy Lombardo!

below: one of the end tables, about to be loaded into the car outside Agora.

Below: the two photos I found inside. The top one is an 8X10 and I will be framing and displaying it. What a babe!

below: record player and album stand.

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Trev Diesel said...

Foxy babe is right! :)

Vintage stuff can be fun...