Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Scenes from New Orleans

Some scenes from my trip this week to my home town, New Orleans. My mother told me that at a recent Saints game up North somewhere, the opposing fans held up signs reading "I hope your Mama drowned" and "I hope N.O. drowns" during the game, and New Orleans fans were assaulted in the parking lots after the game (including women). The hard heartedness and disregard for the beauty of New Orleans that I continue to experience myself personally as I travel is mind boggling. I myself have been told, "It's Atlantis. Let it sink." and "Why would anyone want to live there?"

New Orleans is a unique treasure of this country. Here are just a few snapshots.

below: Cafe' Du Monde, where you get the beignets. In the French Quarter.

below: Mardi Gras Indians at Jazz Fest. They were sweating buckets under there, it was hot.

below: the obligatory shot in front of St. Louis Cathedral, in the French Quarter.

below: in the French Quarter.

below: 2 scenes from a cemetery on Esplanade Blvd.

below: my DH dancing at Jazz Fest

below: Jazz Fest, very crowded, very hot.

Below: my DH on Decatur St. in the French Quarter.


Bethany said...

I don't understand. Why do people have such a hate-on for New Orleans? I had no idea there were people who could say such things, much less think them. It's boggling my mind, too!

Looks like great fun you two had!

deb said...

Love the photos, Celeste.

Regarding the comments about New Orleans: What ignorance. Sometime human nature can just so base. I am sorry that this attitude has come out. The spirit of New Orleans will overcome. I know it will.