Thursday, May 31, 2007

More Albums

Got some great albums at the thrift store today for just 25 cents apiece.

Got a Benny Goodman album...check him out in the video below, and watch for the eye boggling dance segment at the end when the male dancer does a backbend flat to the floor from standing. Plus notice the social change lyrics of "Minnie's In The Money".

Got a Linda Ronstadt & the Nelson Riddle Orchestra album, you can hear a cut off the album in the below video. Sounds better on the record, though.

Couldn't resist an album from The New Zoo Review (remember that show?)

I also got a compilation album, "I'll See You in Hawaii" and an album of dance remixes of Berlin's "No More Words" and "Dancing in Berlin". YAH!

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Stan said...

OMG! Now you have to find something with HR Puffenstuff.