Thursday, May 24, 2007

Beach Walks with Rox

Found a really nice vidblog, "Beach Walks with Rox". Filmed daily on Oahu, Hawaii, Rox walks and swims with dog Lexie, and gives us a thought for the day. There's 38 of her past vidblogs on YouTube, and you can see many, many more on her website at

On the vidblog below, you'll see two more dogs floating in the surf at the end. And Rox's Lab Lexie looks like the happiest dog in the universe.

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Secret Cameraman said...

Aloha and Welcome to Beach Walks, Celeste. Secret Cameraman here. The one behind the camera. Mahalo for finding and linking to us.

Wow. Show #141. 297 shows ago! Good times, good times. :-)

We don't post much to YouTube any longer. But we're still serving up fresh shows Mon-Friday and now an audio show on Saturdays.

Hope you're having a wonderfilled week!