Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Athens Fantastical!

Interesting things about this weekend in Athens, GA:

At a Peruvian restaurant, we tried fried cassava root topped with red onion and cilantro. The taste was close to potato, with a consistency somewhere between potato and plaintain.

Outside the Peruvian restaurant, a Peruvian man was walking by with his dog, a Peruvian Hairless. We went outside to meet the dog, and it's human said (in Spanish - DH can speak it) that this breed dates back to the Incas. He also explained that this breed is believed to have healing abilities; sleeping with one can cure arthritis and asthma. He said the dog is "doctor" and "medicine".

This dog may look ugly in the photos, but it's personality was amazing. It was so friendly and sunny, you just had to love it. I would absolutely let it sleep with me if I had arthritis.

Below is a photo of the "Make Your Own Bloody Mary Bar" at downtown Athens' restaurant, Transmetropolitan, a Sunday tradition.

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