Thursday, May 31, 2007

More Albums

Got some great albums at the thrift store today for just 25 cents apiece.

Got a Benny Goodman album...check him out in the video below, and watch for the eye boggling dance segment at the end when the male dancer does a backbend flat to the floor from standing. Plus notice the social change lyrics of "Minnie's In The Money".

Got a Linda Ronstadt & the Nelson Riddle Orchestra album, you can hear a cut off the album in the below video. Sounds better on the record, though.

Couldn't resist an album from The New Zoo Review (remember that show?)

I also got a compilation album, "I'll See You in Hawaii" and an album of dance remixes of Berlin's "No More Words" and "Dancing in Berlin". YAH!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians

Check it out for yourself! Gotta love the brass section.

A Slice of History

This weekend, we found our first pieces of furniture for our Athens house. We plan on decorating in a retro style. Luck was with us as we scoped out an Athens retro resale shop named Agora.

We scored a matching pair of end tables that had just come in the day before. They are solid and heavy, with drawers that open and close smoothly. After we got them home and I was testing the drawers once again, one of them suddenly didn't close right. Peering inside, I discovered treasures....two photographs, a metallic paper party hat, an envelope postmarked 1965 containing receipts for a comforter, several calling cards engraved with names, and a paper folded cow decorated with cotton balls.

We also purchased a metal record player and album stand for our Traveler Stack-O-Matic by Crosley, a reissue of a retro portable party player. The reissued player has technology that minimizes the hiss from records. I'll be able to display my "Ray Anthony's Houseparty Hop", "Dean Martin Hits Again" and "Little Richard Big Hits!" records to name a few. AND my Guy Lombardo albums, even if people make fun of them. YES, I like Guy Lombardo!

below: one of the end tables, about to be loaded into the car outside Agora.

Below: the two photos I found inside. The top one is an 8X10 and I will be framing and displaying it. What a babe!

below: record player and album stand.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fun Time in Athens

Had a nice visit in Athens this weekend with friends Beth Rene' and Hajro.

Below: Hajro shows off his ponytail at The Grit.

Below: Beth Rene' and Hajro.

Below: Mitch at The Grit, the day before (we love The Grit).

Athens Fantastical!

Interesting things about this weekend in Athens, GA:

At a Peruvian restaurant, we tried fried cassava root topped with red onion and cilantro. The taste was close to potato, with a consistency somewhere between potato and plaintain.

Outside the Peruvian restaurant, a Peruvian man was walking by with his dog, a Peruvian Hairless. We went outside to meet the dog, and it's human said (in Spanish - DH can speak it) that this breed dates back to the Incas. He also explained that this breed is believed to have healing abilities; sleeping with one can cure arthritis and asthma. He said the dog is "doctor" and "medicine".

This dog may look ugly in the photos, but it's personality was amazing. It was so friendly and sunny, you just had to love it. I would absolutely let it sleep with me if I had arthritis.

Below is a photo of the "Make Your Own Bloody Mary Bar" at downtown Athens' restaurant, Transmetropolitan, a Sunday tradition.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Beach Walks with Rox

Found a really nice vidblog, "Beach Walks with Rox". Filmed daily on Oahu, Hawaii, Rox walks and swims with dog Lexie, and gives us a thought for the day. There's 38 of her past vidblogs on YouTube, and you can see many, many more on her website at

On the vidblog below, you'll see two more dogs floating in the surf at the end. And Rox's Lab Lexie looks like the happiest dog in the universe.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Secret

Found out that at the next yoga teacher training I attend, I will be required to watch the movie, "The Secret". Here's a video of Saturday Night Live's parody on "The Secret".

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Athens House this Week

We had severe thunderstorms, so Dakota hid under the bed. Problem was, when the weather cleared, she stood up under there and then couldn't figure out how to squeeze out from under the bed! She was stuck between the slats. Finally we got her out.

Surprises this week: Gerbera daisies and a blooming prickly pear cactus!

My Wonderful Husband

My husband is incredibly thoughtful. After our recent visit to New Orleans, we were driving home to Georgia. I told my husband I was disappointed that the opportunity had not arisen for us to get a shrimp poboy while we were in New Orleans. Without saying anything, my hubby connected his laptop to his cell phone and started surfing the Net for "best shrimp poboy Mobile" and shortly had located a lunch spot on our way home. Coincidentally, it was also a brew pub. We had fantastic shrimp poboys while seated outside in historic downtown Mobile, AL, with a trumpet player playing on the street.

Hubby with a beer sampler.

View from our table.

Me in my new Jazz Fest shirt.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Jazz Fest Fun

Here's a short (very amateur) video montage from the Jazz Fest, of us singing along with Buckwheat Zydeco and my DH dancing alongside my sister.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Scenes from New Orleans

Some scenes from my trip this week to my home town, New Orleans. My mother told me that at a recent Saints game up North somewhere, the opposing fans held up signs reading "I hope your Mama drowned" and "I hope N.O. drowns" during the game, and New Orleans fans were assaulted in the parking lots after the game (including women). The hard heartedness and disregard for the beauty of New Orleans that I continue to experience myself personally as I travel is mind boggling. I myself have been told, "It's Atlantis. Let it sink." and "Why would anyone want to live there?"

New Orleans is a unique treasure of this country. Here are just a few snapshots.

below: Cafe' Du Monde, where you get the beignets. In the French Quarter.

below: Mardi Gras Indians at Jazz Fest. They were sweating buckets under there, it was hot.

below: the obligatory shot in front of St. Louis Cathedral, in the French Quarter.

below: in the French Quarter.

below: 2 scenes from a cemetery on Esplanade Blvd.

below: my DH dancing at Jazz Fest

below: Jazz Fest, very crowded, very hot.

Below: my DH on Decatur St. in the French Quarter.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Puppetji Speaks about "The Secret"

Beach Cats in Galveston

Below: Serenity.

Below: Demanding.

Below: Wishful Thinking.

Below: Camoflage.

Below: Basking.

Scenes from Galveston

Below: Grackles greeting the day.

Below: Galveston? Yep.

Below: flowers bloom among beach litter.

Galveston Yoga Training

Some photos from the Galveston YogaFit conference. I took their Level 4 training which focuses on the Bhagavad Gita, the Yoga Sutras and more advanced poses.

Below: class photo. I'm top left.

Below: trying to wake up after lunch

Below: teacher doing a white girl rap about the Gita