Tuesday, April 10, 2007

When Will Winter End?

This weekend's cold snap burned all my azaleas and had us pulling out the sweaters again. Weather.com says it's 80 degrees in Honolulu...wish I was there right now! Of course, having the below photo as my computer's desktop increases my desire for warm weather.

below: I shot this photo at Sunset Beach, Oahu (2006). If you enlarge the photo, you can see a surfer on the wave wearing striped shorts...supposedly that wards of sharks. I doubt if it works. Behind him you can see the heads of several surfers bobbing in the waves.

Below: We were on one lip of blownout volcano crater Diamondhead (2006). It was hot as Hades, even with Diamondhead extinct. If you look closely, you can see that the green area way below us is the bottom of the crater, with the other crater lip visible in the mid-background. Mountains in the far background. Our whole visit was sun, sun, sun and warmth.

Below: Sandy Beach (2005). This beach is for expert bodysurfers. Wild! You can die bodysurfing here. (Seriously) All we did was watch, soak up rays and let our sunscreen lotion deflect the sneers from the beach boys.

1 comment:

isaiah said...

I find myself doing the exact same thing...staring at my pictures of Jamaica!

Soon, it will be hotter than hell and green, green everywhere... I think!

Aloha, mohn