Tuesday, April 03, 2007

In Athens This Weekend

Below: Live music at a downtown coffeeshop.

Below: people often ask me how I became overweight as a vegetarian. It's easy! Here's a plate of spicy Thai noodles and Curried Tofu in coconut milk sauce. Fat grams galore! And a salad, which is NOT the only thing vegetarians eat, contrary to popular belief.

Below: It's hard to remember you're in the city when your back yard looks like this.

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isaiah said...

Mmmm...Thai! The wifey and I had a Koren feast the other night...it was quite delicious! I had this rice bowl with seafoods and oriental fern in some exotic sauce...what a treat!

I typically only eat one meal a day...and if I had my choice... it would be Thai- or oriental...maybe italian, second thought, I love blackened talipia wraps, and then there's soups...and veggie pizza...tuna salad...