Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Before the freeze...

Here's what our Athens house looked like last Friday, before the freeze killed all the blooms.

below: I've fallen in love with the Cherokee rose bush. It's gorgeous.

below: can kind of see 3 of the dogwoods...they are very impressive in person. There's a fourth one (huge) not visible in this photo. The bank of azaleas across the front all got burned by the freeze.

Now that we have a city house, we have to do onerous things like mow. Lawn's still patchy from winter, but weeds were getting high.

below: approach to front door.

below: wonderful fragrance...

below: view from basement level.


gratefulbear said...

Thanks for your kind words about my website. I've seen a lot of therapists' sites that seemed too cluttered, too busy, so I went for a rather minimalist look. Glad you liked it.

What a gorgeous yard you have! Congrats on the new home. I trust the cats are adjusting well to it. Hope to see you soon!

~ Darrell

Bethany said...


What is with this Spring?! Here, too, we've had some freezing recently. Last week there was ice and pollen on the car wind shield.