Monday, March 05, 2007

Why I Didn't Paint This Weekend

Was hoping to start painting the master bedroom at the new house this weekend, but the prep work is taking much longer than I expected.

Discovered that the door frame's prior paint was not adhered; it came right off at a chipped place. Just peeled right off in large strips. It got even larger than this photo, pretty much the whole length of the door frame. I had to go buy a paint scraper. In some places, 3 layers of paint just melted off. Same for the molding around the closet door.

Had to patch big holes in the wall. This one is because we removed the phone jack. I learned that you can patch this size hole with a metal plate covered in self-adhesive patching tape. You spackle it on, works great.

Here's a nice hole extending into the plaster that the former owners made when installing a curtain rod (one that we disliked).

Here's what I saw above the door to the office building of water and trash pickup in Athens.

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