Monday, March 12, 2007

Tooling Around Athens

This weekend, my friend Beth Rene' was celebrating her birthday. She and hubby Hajro tooled on over to Athens for a day trip and met up with us downtown for a little shopping, pub hopping and visiting.

below: Hajro and Beth Rene' outside my favorite downtown restaurant, Transmetropolitan.

Here's Hajro inside my husband's favorite place, Athens own microbrewery, the Copper. You can see the copper brew tanks in the background.

My DH, Mitch, outside Transmet. It was so warm, he felt compelled to buy another Aloha shirt while we were downtown, since he had left his at the mtn house. Mitch can't wait for the return of warm weather so he can break out his Aloha shirt wardrobe.

Me & Mitch. There's my crutches in the background from falling and twisting my ankle last week. Got a nice sprain. On the mend, though.

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