Monday, March 05, 2007

Thai of Athens

Found a very nice Thai restaurant (dive) near our new house. Dangerously, they deliver! Oh the evils of in town living. Their basil rolls are terrific.

We tried a fake meat there that we'd never encountered before, "suegai". It's like seitan, but it's made of soy. Supposedly tastes like chicken. They also have "sueyu", also based on soy but flavored with seaweed as a mock fish.

I didn't think it tasted like meat, but I don't want to eat meat. It was very tasty...most things are when deep fried and sitting in a Thai sauce!

Check the place out at their website:


Trev Diesel said...

I freakin' love Thai food. If I'm ever in Athens, I'll know where to go. :-)

isaiah said...

C- This dish sounds incredible! I love Thai food (sorry Trev, it's true!)

gratefulbear said...

Thaicoon on Marietta Square delivers to our apartment. It can be very tempting to order Thai food several nights in a row!

isaiah said...

Delivery Thai...this is heaven!