Monday, March 19, 2007

Still Working on Floor in Athens

Spent this weekend pulling staples and carpet tack strips out of the oak flooring in the new house. The back step of this ONE step (below) had SIXTY THREE staples in it! That's more than the whole bedroom had in it. See all the dark spots? Staple holes! Next weekend we hope to get it sanded and varnished.

Found this 1961 vintage print ad (online) extolling the virtues for the bath hardware that we have in our home. American Standard's "Norwall" line. It says: "Notice the roomy bathing luxury of the new, off-center Contour bathtub, the new ease of cleaning with the off the floor toilet." A color photo reproduction of this ad is for sale...I plan on buying it for a fun bathroom decoration.

One of our Contour sinks has this cool faucet that I think looks like an airplane or George Jetson's space car.

Here's our "roomy, off-center Contour" tub...

We love retro! Too bad this sink no longer has the airplane faucet. We also have the off the floor toilets, it really will be great to be able to mop underneath.

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gratefulbear said...

Looks great! Retro is so cool.