Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Overheard in Athens...

Actual things I overheard in public in Athens, GA over two weekends:

"I think he's a douche bag. I think he's an asshole. But I don't dislike him."

"You felt something. But you weren't being completely subtle. You had a level of expectation."

"The drunkest I ever got was when..."

"She said that...and she wasn't even drunk!"

Something someone actually said to me:
"Athens is a cross between Berkeley and Mayberry."

And on a restaurant's bathroom mirror:
"The lost tribe salutes you from the other side of the veil."

1 comment:

Trev Diesel said...

Those are great! ha!

Especially the "douchebag" and the "berkeley/mayberry" quotes.

People say the darnedest things!