Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's My Birthday!

Oh Lordy I'm OVER 40! 41 today.

Below is a photo of me that was taken by my Mama. What a head of hair!

One of the students in my yoga class brought cupcakes this morning to celebrate. They have miniature whirligigs decorating them. She made my day!


Bethany said...


I hope you have/had (what time is it there?!) a wonderful day.

Those miniature whirligigs are great!

Trev Diesel said...

Hope you're having a delightful birthday! Cheers!

isaiah said...

Happy Happy Belated!

It happens to me this May.


Stan said...

Hi hun,

Happy Birthday. I was just catching up on the blog...and looks like you are making your way to Athens.

Love ya.