Tuesday, March 27, 2007

HGTV is a Fantasy!

Here's photographic proof that home remodeling is not all sexy like HGTV pretends it is. They don't tell you about needing safety glasses (wraparound) to keep flying nails, staples and stair splinters out of your eyes when you're prying up carpet. Or about how you better wear gloves if you don't want your hands skinned, sliced and bonked (like mine were last week, before I got a clue). Or that you better go straight out and get knee pads - which require that you wear long pants even if it is 90 degrees outside (as it was this past weekend) because if you wear shorts, the knee pad elastic will gouge the back of your knees.

below: here I am with a hammer, needle nosed pliers, blunt nosed pliers, two sizes of pry bar/nail pry bar, a screwdriver and a large pry bar. Safety glasses and knee pads.

below: the most important home renovation tool of all! The boom box. Your brain will explode from boredom without the boom box. This weekend I mainly listened to '80s pop. Last week was punk and vintage jazz.

below: view from the living room. Can't see neighbors!

below: view from the dining room