Friday, March 16, 2007

Going to see The Police!

Mitch and I are going to see The Police this summer in New Orleans (get to see me twice this summer, Ma!)! Just got tickets. The Police is the one band I regretted not getting to see in my younger days. Got to see Sting play solo, though, along with one of the Marsalis boys, in the '80s. Also in the '80s I saw Prince, Yes, Iggy Pop, the Kinks, and the Pretenders. And, took my mother to see the Stones, Voodoo Lounge Tour. Now that was a good show.

I also have a pact with my sister to see System of a Down when they tour. We're still waiting.

So loooooonely!

Check out Sting. He does yoga.


Trev Diesel said...

Jealous here!

Sting is my #1 favorite musician... and although I do love the Police, I have to admit I love his solo stuff better. Not necessarily the big hits, but some the obscure tracks like "Ghost Story" and "Shape of My Heart."

But I'm sure it'll be cool to see Sting rocking the quasi-punk rock again at his ripening age. Looking forward to the review!

By the way, did you see my wife's recent post about Sting and the comments that ensued? :-)

Celeste said...

I saw a comment Amy made, I think on Isaiah's blog and it reminded me to get on the stick and get my tickets! Thank goodness! Don't want to miss this tour.

My DH says if they come to Atlanta later (read in Rolling Stone that there will be 2 US legs), we will go again! LOL

Celeste said...

p.s. Love the photos Amy found of Sting in a kimono.

isaiah said...

Sweeet! How sweet is that! Yeah, I was into The Police when they first hit the was be awesome to see them all back together again.

Yeah, let's all meet in Atlanta!

Sting has a style that can't be compared to anyone else.

Hope all is well in Athens- following your renewal- the house is just what I would buy, seriously.

Sarah said...

My sistah!!!! This is going to be an awesome concert I'm sure. When is it? I can't wait to see you. Is this before or after Jazz Fest? Did you look at the lineup for this year? Lots of great music to be enjoyed. I've been looking at the Bonnaroo lineup and if some friends of mine are driving from here and the $$ is in the right moon phase I plan to go.