Monday, March 12, 2007

Athens Renovation Progress

This weekend we ripped out carpet in our upstairs. The carpet was only on the stairs, hallway, and in ONE of the three bedrooms upstairs. It was weird that the other two bedrooms had wood floors leading out onto a carpeted hall. Plus, we prefer wood floors.

Here's a big reason we decided to rip out the upstairs carpet. Not only was it hiding oak floors, but if you ever saw what's really under your carpet, you'd be ripping it out too. What you see below are clumps of sand and dirt. There's LOTS of dirt and who knows what that gets trapped under carpet. It's so much easier to keep a non-carpeted floor clean.

Oak floors under the carpet. Will need refinishing. I ripped the stairway carpet out and went to work prying out the staples. Will probably take all of next weekend just getting out all the staples on the stairs, hall and guest room.

Here's what it looked like beforehand, it was much dirtier than you can see in this realty photo.

Here's our dog friend, Dakota. She says, "Please don't tear out my carpet! I like carpet!"

Below is the convergence of three floor types. Hideous! The one on the far right isn't even wood, it's that prefab plastic stuff, perfectly smooth with fake wood grain printed on. We plan on replacing with oak for uniformity.

Here is Mitch ripping out carpet in the guest bedroom.

Revealed oak floor will be refinished. The white bits are parts of foam padding from underneath the carpet and indicate staples that will have to be pried out of the floor one at a time.

We wondered why the former owners left a red string on a towel rack. I figured it out after the bathroom door would not stay open. DH will be able to repair this easily. As he has already replaced the many leaky gaskets he found in the tub and sink faucets in this bathroom when we used them. The hot water in the tub would not stop running!

Upstairs hall after carpet was ripped out. On the left you can see Mitch's head, he is tearing out a nasty nail strip like shark teeth that was keeping the carpet down in the doorway. We've decided to put off painting, and will instead start with sanding the floors and varnishing them. That way I'll only have to clean the walls once, since sanding will kick up a lot of dust.

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