Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Overheard in Athens...

Actual things I overheard in public in Athens, GA over two weekends:

"I think he's a douche bag. I think he's an asshole. But I don't dislike him."

"You felt something. But you weren't being completely subtle. You had a level of expectation."

"The drunkest I ever got was when..."

"She said that...and she wasn't even drunk!"

Something someone actually said to me:
"Athens is a cross between Berkeley and Mayberry."

And on a restaurant's bathroom mirror:
"The lost tribe salutes you from the other side of the veil."

More Garden Photos

Below: here's a second bee photo (I like the one of the bee in the rose better). Can you see this bee? It's wings are a blur of movement.

Below: can you see the glorious rosebuds?

HGTV is a Fantasy!

Here's photographic proof that home remodeling is not all sexy like HGTV pretends it is. They don't tell you about needing safety glasses (wraparound) to keep flying nails, staples and stair splinters out of your eyes when you're prying up carpet. Or about how you better wear gloves if you don't want your hands skinned, sliced and bonked (like mine were last week, before I got a clue). Or that you better go straight out and get knee pads - which require that you wear long pants even if it is 90 degrees outside (as it was this past weekend) because if you wear shorts, the knee pad elastic will gouge the back of your knees.

below: here I am with a hammer, needle nosed pliers, blunt nosed pliers, two sizes of pry bar/nail pry bar, a screwdriver and a large pry bar. Safety glasses and knee pads.

below: the most important home renovation tool of all! The boom box. Your brain will explode from boredom without the boom box. This weekend I mainly listened to '80s pop. Last week was punk and vintage jazz.

below: view from the living room. Can't see neighbors!

below: view from the dining room

Monday, March 26, 2007

I Like Athens Because...


Here we are at The Grit...

Today at Five Star Day, downtown...

I ESPECIALLY like cafe's that understand that vegetarians and vegans eat more than just salad!

Below: at The Grit, an Athens vegetarian restaurant. Vegetarian Philly cheese "steak" and carrot soup. Was better than my memories of New Orleans roast beef po'boys.

Below: at Five Star Day, varied menu. Hubby is eating pasta and I got a veggie plate with hoppin' john, green beans 'n taters, collard greens and a cornmeal muffin. What do vegetarians eat?!

Springtime Happiness

Except for this first photo, all photos were taken by me.

I'm so thrilled with this photo! If you are looking at this photo on my blog (as opposed to email delivery), you can click on it and see the bee VERY close up. I skulked in the yard for a long time trying to get this shot.

Dogwood in the front yard. There are 6 dogwoods on our property.

Wisteria has a fantastic fragrance...

Georgia's state flower, the Cherokee rose. We have a huge bush in the back yard. Legend has it that the white is for the tears of the Cherokee mothers, and the yellow is for the gold that was stolen from them.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's My Birthday!

Oh Lordy I'm OVER 40! 41 today.

Below is a photo of me that was taken by my Mama. What a head of hair!

One of the students in my yoga class brought cupcakes this morning to celebrate. They have miniature whirligigs decorating them. She made my day!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My City Yard 03/17/07

Below: tree across the street at the neighbors'

Below: in our backyard

Below: Nandina lining our driveway

Below: white azaleas across the front of our house

Monday, March 19, 2007

My VisualDNA

Still Working on Floor in Athens

Spent this weekend pulling staples and carpet tack strips out of the oak flooring in the new house. The back step of this ONE step (below) had SIXTY THREE staples in it! That's more than the whole bedroom had in it. See all the dark spots? Staple holes! Next weekend we hope to get it sanded and varnished.

Found this 1961 vintage print ad (online) extolling the virtues for the bath hardware that we have in our home. American Standard's "Norwall" line. It says: "Notice the roomy bathing luxury of the new, off-center Contour bathtub, the new ease of cleaning with the off the floor toilet." A color photo reproduction of this ad is for sale...I plan on buying it for a fun bathroom decoration.

One of our Contour sinks has this cool faucet that I think looks like an airplane or George Jetson's space car.

Here's our "roomy, off-center Contour" tub...

We love retro! Too bad this sink no longer has the airplane faucet. We also have the off the floor toilets, it really will be great to be able to mop underneath.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Going to see The Police!

Mitch and I are going to see The Police this summer in New Orleans (get to see me twice this summer, Ma!)! Just got tickets. The Police is the one band I regretted not getting to see in my younger days. Got to see Sting play solo, though, along with one of the Marsalis boys, in the '80s. Also in the '80s I saw Prince, Yes, Iggy Pop, the Kinks, and the Pretenders. And, took my mother to see the Stones, Voodoo Lounge Tour. Now that was a good show.

I also have a pact with my sister to see System of a Down when they tour. We're still waiting.

So loooooonely!

Check out Sting. He does yoga.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Our Cat Roommates

Here's what happens when two humans fall in love, get married and combine their animal friends. We also have a dog and a cockatiel.

Cats have the life of Riley!

This is Peta. Below is her sister, Tate'. Mitch took them home when they were kittens in someone's box being given away outside a grocery store. Peta was the runt. Look at her now!

As you can see, Tate's life is so hard.

Here is Stevie. He came to live with me when I worked at a retreat center and a coworker abandoned him in the woods. He's the only animal friend in this house that actually comes when called, although ALL the animals know their names, even the bird.

My Country Yard Today 03/14/07



Purple violets...where I grew up (Louisiana), we also had white violets. My PawPaw told me that we had to have good thoughts when we walked through the woods, because white violets would report your sins back to heaven. (You'd laugh if you'd known him)


Another kind of daffodil.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Sea Dragons

These photos are for my friend Stan, who has an interest in sea dragons. I took these photos at the Honolulu aquarium. These sea dragons are particularly suited for camoflage in seaweed. Aren't they beautiful? My husband says they are Green Dragons.

(I wish I was in Hawaii right now! On the beach! With my husband wearing his Aloha shirt!)

Athens Renovation Progress

This weekend we ripped out carpet in our upstairs. The carpet was only on the stairs, hallway, and in ONE of the three bedrooms upstairs. It was weird that the other two bedrooms had wood floors leading out onto a carpeted hall. Plus, we prefer wood floors.

Here's a big reason we decided to rip out the upstairs carpet. Not only was it hiding oak floors, but if you ever saw what's really under your carpet, you'd be ripping it out too. What you see below are clumps of sand and dirt. There's LOTS of dirt and who knows what that gets trapped under carpet. It's so much easier to keep a non-carpeted floor clean.

Oak floors under the carpet. Will need refinishing. I ripped the stairway carpet out and went to work prying out the staples. Will probably take all of next weekend just getting out all the staples on the stairs, hall and guest room.

Here's what it looked like beforehand, it was much dirtier than you can see in this realty photo.

Here's our dog friend, Dakota. She says, "Please don't tear out my carpet! I like carpet!"

Below is the convergence of three floor types. Hideous! The one on the far right isn't even wood, it's that prefab plastic stuff, perfectly smooth with fake wood grain printed on. We plan on replacing with oak for uniformity.

Here is Mitch ripping out carpet in the guest bedroom.

Revealed oak floor will be refinished. The white bits are parts of foam padding from underneath the carpet and indicate staples that will have to be pried out of the floor one at a time.

We wondered why the former owners left a red string on a towel rack. I figured it out after the bathroom door would not stay open. DH will be able to repair this easily. As he has already replaced the many leaky gaskets he found in the tub and sink faucets in this bathroom when we used them. The hot water in the tub would not stop running!

Upstairs hall after carpet was ripped out. On the left you can see Mitch's head, he is tearing out a nasty nail strip like shark teeth that was keeping the carpet down in the doorway. We've decided to put off painting, and will instead start with sanding the floors and varnishing them. That way I'll only have to clean the walls once, since sanding will kick up a lot of dust.