Thursday, February 22, 2007

Still More Fantastic Music

Sitting here daydreaming about our upcoming trip to the New Orleans Jazz Fest. Last time I was there, my mother urged me to go with her to see an all-trombone band, Bonerama. I was skeptical. But when I got to their stage, it totally blew my head off! Those guys can PLAY. They bill themselves as New Orleans Brass Funk Rock. They're all extremely accomplished musicians and members of other well known bands.

Hearing them live is bestest and most excellent, but you can get a feel for them on their myspace page HERE. My favorite cut on their myspace page is War Pigs, check it out.

Reviews from their site:

"There is a lot of great music that is characteristic of New Orleans, but Bonerama defines the heart of this magic city's artistic freedom, a combination of seemingly disparate elements that make perfect sense when heard together. There are other groups of trombonists, but none interacting with a drummer as explosive as Russell Batiste Jr. and definitely none who play a cover of Edgar Winter's "Frankenstein." " - John Swenson, Editor of Rolling Stone Jazz and Blues Album Guide

"The band's new release, "Live From New York", shatters any preconceived notions listeners may have about the role of the trombone in a musical ensemble. There are passages psychedelically mind melting, hauntingly beautiful, furiously syncopated and filled with scorching virtuosity." -City Life Magazine

"The Ultimate in Brass Balls" -Rolling Stone Magazine

"Hands down the hottest group to hit the scene in this town in years." - Where Y'at, Magazine

"A powerful and fresh sound unlike any New Orleans has ever produced" - Offbeat Critics Choice: Top 10 Louisiana CDs of 2001, March 2001

"One of the Top 20 CDs of Louisiana from 2001" - Keith Spera, Times-Picayune

"A totally fresh sound...a hip new universe of musical delights" - Michael Dominici, New Orleans

"The number 2 overall selling CD during Jazz Fest: Bonerama, "LIVE From New York"- Offbeat Magazine


Anonymous said...

Love Bonerama! I have seen them about 8 times and each time I see them they blow me away... (literally) Enjoy JazzFest. I think that they're on deck for April 29th

Celeste said...

Will miss them, I'm going the next weekend...the Iguanas, Cowboy Mouth and the Radiators will be on tap then. Plus ZZ Top and Steely Dan.


Celeste said...

Somehow I have wound up with Port of Call added to my homepage tabs. Must be a SIGN.

Trev Diesel said...

how awesome are they! I really, really love it. For sure can see how they'd be a great live band! And the Sabbath cover is genius!