Friday, February 23, 2007

Groundhog Husband

My husband, having lived out West for the majority of his life (CA & AZ), refuses to accept that it usually snows here in March (we live in the Georgia mountains). Even though we've been here 6 years and it routinely snows in March!

As usual, we've had a little warm(er) spell here at the end of February, but Winter ain't over yet.

Yesterday it was 60 degrees and sunny. I had some windows cracked to get some oxygen inside. That's when hubby put on an Aloha shirt and proclaimed himself "better than the Groundhog"!

Here's to everyone who has ever joined in on the lyric, "I'm gonna go where the weather suits my clothes".

Below is a photo of us on Pali Outlook on Oahu last Fall. It was extremely windy, so hubby had to hold his shirt down (see our hair flying?) and I'm hunched over from the cold - it was chilly up there! Kinda like here, last night, when it went back into the 30s. But in hopes of an early Spring, I offer this image of hubby in an Aloha shirt (shirt was a gift from my mom).

My hubby - better than the Groundhog!

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