Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Beverly Hills exercise class teacher training

Back from my trip to Beverly Hills to take a teacher training class in Yoga Booty Ballet.

below: group photo. I'm top left in the brown tank.

below: Swerve is on the top floor in a commercial shop building. Takes up about 3 storefronts.

below: Manhattan Beach

below: coming from the East coast, it wasn't hard for me to be up in time to see the dawn patrol surfers at the Manhattan Beach pier

below: view of Manhattan Beach pier


Anonymous said...

There is a companion program to the blogger.com that works well with the photos. You can do many things, among them reduce those red eyes in photos. It is a freebie.


If you enlarge it, that top photo looks a bit like a group of Beverly Hills werewolves.

Celeste said...

The tone of that comment sounds so familiar!