Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Beverly Hills exercise class teacher training

Back from my trip to Beverly Hills to take a teacher training class in Yoga Booty Ballet.

below: group photo. I'm top left in the brown tank.

below: Swerve is on the top floor in a commercial shop building. Takes up about 3 storefronts.

below: Manhattan Beach

below: coming from the East coast, it wasn't hard for me to be up in time to see the dawn patrol surfers at the Manhattan Beach pier

below: view of Manhattan Beach pier

Friday, January 19, 2007

Have You Seen This Plant?

Trying to find out what this plant is...I encountered it during house hunting and would like to have one. It's leaves are spiky like holly and it's yellow flowers very fragrant. Honey bees were all over it. This specimen was tall...over 5 ft.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Santa Hat

This Santa hat came out exactly as I'd hoped! This was at least my second attempt, though...I ripped it out at least once.

Almost finished a crochet purse for Bethany...got all the way to the end with no problems, and somehow messed up the decrease for the bind off. Partial ripping is in my future.

CA Travel Photos

These photos are not in order...

Beach on Pacific Coast Hwy in Malibu...

The rental line at the car place overflows the interior, extends out the door and down the parking lot...

Bumper sticker at the Atlanta airport...

View at my favorite place to eat after getting off the plane, Gladstone's in Malibu on the Pacific Coast Hwy. Then we drive through Topanga Canyon to get to Bakersfield...I'll be posting a short video later of Topanga Canyon if you'd like to see it (it's beautiful).

The In-Laws

Just returned from a visit with the in-laws, for my mother-in-law's 80th birthday (my grandmother says my mother-in-law is a "young sprout"). Here's a few photos:

My mother-in-law, looking fantastic at 80.

My husband's niece and sister.

My husband's nephew and namesake.

My husband's brother-in-law.

My New Bakersfield Hobby

I have a new hobby for when I'm in Bakersfield, CA visiting the in-laws. I want to do a photo series of Googie style signs, to display in our Athens home (which we plan to decorate in a retro style). There's lots of Googie to be seen in California.

This one did not come out as well as I'd hoped. The proprietor came out and glared at me and then yelled at me across the street to ask why I was photographing. So I didn't try to get a better location for the shot. Will try again next visit, because I saw a perfect place to get a good shot as we were driving off.

Here's a good one! I spotted this sign when we were filling up the tank on my mother-in-law's minivan. I jumped right out and got my photo.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Atomic Ranch

(I just ordered the above calendar for our new house...it says things like, "Sometimes I'm so sweet even I can't stand it", "Well this day was a total waste of makeup", "When I'm not shopping, cooking and cleaning, I'm focusing on my career!" and "There's no household chore that a little chardonnay doesn't make easier.")

There's even a magazine devoted to ranch homes, "Atomic Ranch". From their website:

"Atomic Ranch is a quarterly devoted to 1940's - 1070's ranch houses and modernist tract homes. They're cooler than you think..."

Check out photos of cool ranch homes on their site:

We're Moving!

Just went under contract for a home in Athens, GA. It's a college town with a great music scene, theater and restaurants. And it's small enough that it still feels easy to get around and you're close to everything. I already found a fitness bellydance class I want to try.

I'm surprised at the house we chose...I would have never pictured myself in a ranch, but this home has so many features that we want and need. When I walked in, I could really picture myself living here.

It's on 0.75 acres and because of the land front and back, and high privacy hedges on both sides, it feels really private inside. The house has wonderful oak floors throughout on the main floor. 3 BR, 2 BA on the main floor, with a HUGE front room, a "family room" with fireplace that looks out onto the back woods through French doors, a nice kitchen with a door/screen out to the carport, and the most wonderful retro bathrooms...the main bathroom with tub is PINK tile! We absolutely love it, although I know some people hate that kind of thing. We are already planning on a flamingo theme. The master BR has a shower bathroom that is all green tile. The tile is in mint condition and gorgeous.

The downstairs is a 900 sq ft finished basement with private outside patio and full bathroom that DH will use for his office. Laundry room down there, too.

The neighborhood dead ends into cul-de-sacs. No through traffic. It is really quiet with established plantings/trees.

My two exterior photos below are obviously winter photos, when much of the landscaping is dormant. But there is a sweet olive tree blooming out back and the camellias by the front picture windows has buds. Looks like the light pole at the front drive will have a blooming flower vine come Spring.

This is a limited shot of the back deck, it was raining and I was huddled under the overhang. It's a 2-level deck, and there's a small fish pond on the lower level.

Here's one view of the front room...check out those slanted windows! I read that ranch homes were deliberately designed with an open floor plan and big windows, to give the feel of the outside and inside being together. It certainly feels that way in this room.

Other side of the front room...DH's black piano will be finding a home back on that wall.

Looking from the front room, into the "family" room. Love the fireplace!

Family room looks out onto the back deck and wooded lot. Down the hall are the bedrooms, and they all have CLOSETS! (unlike our present home) Two of the BR have two closets each. After living in a home with no storage, I am obsessed with closets.

Kitchen...check the view out the window.

Basement French doors to patio.

Soon to be DH's new office with fireplace in basement...

Once I get back in there, I will post some photos of the pink bathroom. Whoo Hoo!

Some photos from this week

Had dinner with my former roommate, Vanessa. We haven't seen each other in AGES! And it was all my fault, too. I hope it isn't ages until I see her again. We had a great time.

Here is Mitch in our new favorite restaurant, Cali 'n Tito's in Athens, GA.

Here's my stepDad Don and me at Christmas. I knitted the hat I am wearing.