Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jimmy Buffett | Bama Breeze

From Jimmy Buffett's latest album, "Take the Weather With You". This video (one of my favorite songs on the album) was shot in the blown out hull of the Firedog Saloon in Bay St. Louis, AL. I had been to the Firedog, before the whole neighborhood was swept away by Katrina. A family friend had a guest house within walking distance; the entire street of homes was simply swept away.

A fantastic song that pulls at the heart strings.


Lee-n-NOLA said...

It was in MS, not AL, right? A great song. Also good on the same album is, "Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On." Buffet was in New Orleans on Sunday night sitting in with a band at the Rock n' Bowl. He loves us and we love him right back. Jimmy "gets" New Orleans. Lee

Celeste said...

Yes! Can't believe I missed that. Bay St. Louis (and the FireDog Saloon) is in Mississippi. I was too overcome by the song and video.

Celeste said...

If you are brave, go to the Firedog Saloon's website to see photos of the damage to the area.

After more than a year, the road still does not exist. They do plan on rebuilding, when there is a road and infrastructure.