Thursday, December 14, 2006

Best New Orleans Music

Hear the best New Orleans music via live stream from New Orleans' listener supported station, WWOZ.

That's a photo of Dr. John.

from the WWOZ website:

About WWOZ

WWOZ is more than just a radio station, it's a community. WWOZ is a non-profit station whose DJs are all volunteers that are knowledgeable and in love with music they play, and who decide the content of their own shows. Listeners can call the station anytime to talk to the on-air DJ, and the DJs are responsive to their fans' requests and opinions.

New Orleans has a truly unique place in the history of music, and WWOZ is on a mission to share New Orleans' special music heritage with the world. WWOZ can't survive without the support of its listeners, so become a member today, and help keep WWOZ strong into new millenium!

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