Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pleasant French Quarter Photos

I promised some pleasant photos, so here they are.

below: French Quarter roofline view from the hotel we stayed in. I get mad when I see this photo; it reminds me of people who told me N.O. is Atlantis and should be allowed to drown. (I didn't promise my commentary would be pleasant!)

below: my DH, at breakfast at Petunia's restaurant. This place reminded me of my mother's living room before it was destroyed. See a photo of the outside of the restaurant and read the interesting history of the building on their WEBSITE

below: I have a caption for this one too, but no one wants to hear me talk about NOLA. I'm turning into Debbie Downer from the Saturday Night Live skit.

below: here's me at Petunia's restaurant. Half a block off Bourbon. One good thing: the waiter instructed us that after Thanksgiving dinner, we were to sing Jingle Bells at the top of our lungs. Sounds like a good tradition. My mom and I tried it, was fun!

below: fountain in the hotel courtyard. I didn't notice the drink cup floating in the water until I got home. Reminds me: Pat O'Brien's has a new cocktail. It's called the Category 5 margarita. DH tried it. It's a margarita with Hurricane mix. He got the souvenir cocktail shaker with it.

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