Monday, November 27, 2006

My Mama's House

Back from our Thanksgiving visit to New Orleans. I know everyone has seen photos of the city, so I'll limit my posting to my mother's house.

New Orleans is still in very bad shape. Driving through New Orleans East, the whole area was a blown out ghost town. Huge apartment complexes, empty and shattered, from the Chalmette exit to the other side of the industrial canal bridge. For those in the know, the mall in N.O. East is completely shut down. So are most of the stores out there. It's literally like a war zone. I wish you could see it personally, words and photos do not do it justice.

In the city proper, many community groceries, drug stores and the like remain closed. The population is way down. Just seeing the lack of traffic was eerie.

The French Quarter was deserted and sad. Even some businesses on Bourbon St. remain boarded up.

Our government's response to this disaster is shameful and abysmal. So much for patriotism and taking care of our own.

Captions are above their corresponding photos.

My mother outside the FEMA camper. It's 30 ft long and 9 ft wide.

FEMA camper parked in the drive. My mom and stepdad joked that they now live in a gated community.

Here's the inside of their gutted house. Hard to get perspective here, but you are looking through 3 large rooms.

Gutted wall.


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