Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Chichen Itza, Post #1

Newly returned from Cancun! Here are some initial photos from our tour of the Mayan pyramids at Chichen Itza.

Below: me, standing before the "Sacred Cenote", a freshwater limestone sinkhole. Archeological research has revealed human remains in this cenote, possibly as sacrifice during times of drought. This is as close as I got to the thing.

Below, Mitch in front of the Temple of the Skulls. Note the carvings.

Here's a closeup look at the Temple of the Skulls:

Below you can just make me out, standing at the base of the site's largest pyramid, "El Castillo". My bravery was not put to the test, since this year they stopped allowing tourists to climb to the top. Decide whether you'd have braved the climb after viewing this YouTube video.


911EMD said...

No flippin way would I be brave enough to climb that thing. The video made me nauseous.

Trev Diesel said...

Love it!