Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cancun Zona Touristica Sucks

The tourist zone (or hotel zone) of Cancun was not to my liking. What you see there are large open air bars, blasting canned disco music at decibels you have never heard before in your life. And I'm from New Orleans, so I know partying. Cancun just seemed desperate and strung out. There was a Hooters, Hard Rock, Outback, all that stuff. Who needs it?

On the street, a man followed us, offering cocaine. Maybe that's why the place seems the way it does?

It was no mythical Margaritaville.

The place was so depressing, the only photo I took on the street was of this scary clown. To me, it symbolizes Zona Hotelera Cancun...a painted face, with sharp teeth and forced gaiety.


deb said...

Cozumel - that's where you should go! Great diving, lots of non-tourista places to go.

We stayed there 6 days and loved it (of course, most of the time we were scuba diving...).


Trev Diesel said...

Wow, interesting observations. I had no idea!

gratefulbear said...

Hooters, Hard Rock, Outback...

Looks like they've turned into just another American franchise city. :o(