Friday, November 10, 2006

But the Hotel's View was Awesome

When we arrived in Cancun, we saw that it is still recovering from Hurricane Wilma. There are blown out shells of mega-hotels, their skeletal shapes reaching skyward. The hotel we stayed in, where the conference was taking place, was back to speed. We wouldn't have stayed there if it wasn't for the conference; it's a 5 star hotel (gorgeous inside) with a dress code. But at the conference rate, it was cheaper than the Waikiki hotel I posted about that lies about it's views. The Cancun hotel, Fiesta Americana Coral Beach, is completely accurate about it's views. Every room is a suite and ocean view. And the staff was the friendliest I have ever encountered anywhere, in any kind of service arena. Check it out.

Below: View in the stairwell. I took the stairs as much as possible to mitigate the goodies I was eating. We were on the 6th floor.

Below: view from the room

Below: our room service breakfast on the balcony, hours before we had to leave.

Below: view of the pools, beachfront restaurant and ocean.

Below: view of one wing of the hotel from the beach. This is only half the hotel; visualize it's mirror opposite on the left side. It's a megalith! It has four restaurants, a coffeeshop, a bar, two shops, an inside tennis court, a gym, a spa and business center inside. Y0u never have to go outside their propery, and they hope you don't.

Below: view from our room. Now THAT's what I'm talkin' about!

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