Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Spinach Brouhaha

My husband and I have both been shaking our heads over how the news stories regarding the contaminated spinach have not indicated how a vegetable gets contaminated by E. Coli. They don't want to tell you that factory farming of animals is the culprit (due to irrigating fields with water that's contaminated).

The Sierra Club's mention of this is a breath of fresh air:

E. coli"Less than a week after the FDA lifted its ban on contaminated spinach, which lead to three confirmed deaths and hundreds of illnesses, a California lettuce grower recalled green leaf lettuce after finding irrigation water contaminated with E. coli. These E. coli incidents are serious reminders of the need to properly regulate waste. Though large farming operations are one of the most common sources of pathogens like E. coli, and the FDA is investigating livestock waste as a possible cause of the spinach contamination, the government is doing little to ensure proper handling of the contaminated livestock waste. In a meeting with environmental groups last week, the EPA said it has no plans to require any new controls on large livestock operations. "

Read about factory farming and the impact it has on your health and the environment HERE.

Heaven forbid any new controls would be put in place that might slow down the speed with which people can get their fast food hamburgers.

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isaiah said...

I hear ya! What's up with that? Education, people- education.

Mmmmm...the salad looks great- I'm having one tonight with my veggie burger!