Monday, October 23, 2006

Sexton boys from Simplisity and Mitch

Here is a photo of Mitch with his Hawaiian friends, brothers John and Andy Sexton. The Sextons are members of the Hawaiian band Simplisity. During high school in Bakersfield, CA, Mitch was in a band with John and Andy called Hawaiian Express.

(below) L to R: Andy Sexton, Dean Lum, John Sexton, playing at the Chart House in Waikiki

(below) Andy wails on the sax


laura jesser said...

Hi Celeste, I found your blog through Bryanna Clark Grogan's blog, and I havve been scrolling through and really enjoying your variety of posts! :) Your Hawaii pictures are especially breathtaking.

What actually drew my attention was that you had mentioned a restaurant in Athens, Georgia--where I live! Did you go to The Grit? I love that place! It's always nice to stumble on a fellow Georgian in blogland. Have a blessed day!

laura jesser said...

I have been several times to Bombay Cafe, an Indian restaurant on Broad Street. Their menu has many vegan items and the vegan items are marked. We got excellent service last time we went--they understood everything about being vegan and made special notes on our order to ensure that everything was suitable for us. So if you like Indian food, that would definitely be a great place to check out. Also, there's another restaurant called Farm 255 that is also downtown. I have not been there yet, but I do know that all of their produce is organically grown in Athens. A friend of ours who went there said that their menu rotates, but they always offer vegan alternatives. I hope to check that place out soon. I've never been to the Mean Bean--what's it like?

I love living near 5 Points--being in walking distance from Earth Fare is priceless. I live in an apartment, but the houses around this area have so much character. This is the Athens that I love--quiet and almost small-town feeling. You could also check out the neighborhoods over near where The Grit is, off of Prince Avenue--it's quiet and funky over there as well.

I haven't checked out Sarah Kramer's cookbooks yet--I'm slowly building my collection. I'll be sure to look at La Dolce Vegan first. We go hiking up around Tallulah Falls from time to time--it's so nice up there!