Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pali Lookout, Oahu 2006

Here's the view we had from the Pali Lookout. My husband is at the end of the video, wearing sunglasses. (24 seconds long) The sound you hear is the wind. Be sure and notice the ocean in the not too far distance.

From Frommer's: "Although some academic scholars scoff at this, the story alleges that in 1795, Kamehameha pursued Oahu's warriors up Nuuanu to these cliffs and waged a battle in his attempt to unite the Hawaiian islands. Supposedly, the Oahu warriors were driven over the cliffs by Kamehameha's men. Some say the battle never happened, some say it happened but there were only a few men fighting, and some say thousands were forced over the cliff, plunging to their deaths. Others say at night you can still hear the cries of these long-dead warriors coming from the valley below."


Bethany said...

What an incredibly view! Do you think the people who live there get used to living in such a beautiful place, or does it hit them sometimes, like it hits the tourists?

Trev Diesel said...

That's quite amazing. I'm quite confident that I've never seen any natural landscape that beautiful, up close in person.

Thanks for sharing it! Wow!

Celeste said...

Bethany, I don't know. I know I live in a beautiful place with mountains, and you do get used to it. My husband's friends, tho, they said whenever they think about leaving, they just look around and figure, "Nah!".