Saturday, October 07, 2006

Outrigger Waikiki's "ocean view" room & Huquarium

I was very disappointed in what I believe to be our hotel's dishonest categorization of an "ocean view" room. We deliberately chose this hotel and paid more money in our search for a true ocean view room.

Below is what we saw from the room:

Once walking out onto the lanai, this is what we saw on the right:

When I hung the top of my body over the rail, I could see the view below. The lanai was so small, only one person at a time could be in the chair that angled out enough to see this. The lanai could barely fit 2 chairs and table, you had to climb over each other (literally) to get in or out. You don't see a rail in this photo because I am hanging out over it. If you look down in the photo, you can see the wonderful industrial fan right below our room. Nope, could not hear any surf. Could only hear industrial restaurant fan. My comments may seem petty if you don't know what we paid for this room. Too much.

This is the pool. The rail you see at the bottom of the photo is the rail of the upstairs restaurant, Hula's. I took this photo from my dinner table (you can even see the table touching the rail). The bottom floor restaurant, Duke's, looks out over the hot tub. At lunch, I could have handed a french fry to the people in the hot tub, they were immediately abutting the restaurant rail at my table. So, you can use the pool and hot tub if you don't mind being scenery for two very crowded, open air restaurants full of people looking at you while noshing. It's a human aquarium! I should have taken a photo of the restaurants from the pool, to give you a feeling of just how weird it is to be at the pool and have two full open air restaurants right there.


Anonymous said...

Life can be unbearably hard

Celeste said...

Nice sarcasm, especially for an anonymous person.