Monday, October 02, 2006

Hawaii Trip Photos

Finally made it home! We are bushed. There is a 6 hr. time difference, and the airplane ride alone is 9 hrs. Whew.

My camera has 400 photos on it. Here are just a few to get started (no, I won't be posting the full 400). Check back later for stunning photos of Diamondhead crater and the waterfalls we visited. Plus beach scenes, of course.

Below: on top of Diamondhead crater

Below: fantastic car on the North Shore - note license plate

below: Mitch at the Pali windy, his hair is blowing straight up. It was chilly at elevation.

below: with the kahu (priest) and hula dancer at the vows renewal ceremony

below: at the Audubon nature preserve on the North Shore

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911EMD said...

C, you look radiant, and I kinda like DH with that windblown look ;)
So glad you had a good time.