Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Diamondhead #3

Ahh, the summit! Here we are on top of Diamondhead, with Waikiki beach and Honolulu in the background.

Partway up the crater. Yes, every day is gorgeous in Hawaii. And we are wearing SPF 50 sunscreen.

My mother and I have a tradition of taking our photos on the wrong side of Danger signs. This one's for you, Mom! Couldn't get all the way behind it, since it was a CLIFF!

This photo was taken inside one of the defunct, concrete "listening posts" that was placed on top of Diamondhead by the military. Yes, the water really does look that color.


Bethany said...

*sigh* Lovely, lovely!

Trev Diesel said...

All of these pictures and stories have been great! I've really been enjoying seeing the sights and hearing of adventure!

deb said...

Love your pictures. I can't help but remember our Sunday excursions up Diamondhead when I was a young thing (before my 11th birstday). The view below had no high rises, it was pure emerald green boarded by the aqua marine blue. It was so quiet, too. No tourists, really. Just me and my family and our '56 powder blue Caddie dad had shipped there from the mainland. My memories are coming from '60-64, when we lived in Pearl City, Oahu. My formative years, I like to think of them. Our house is still there, and the people who bought it from my folks still live there.

Some things just don't change. But a lot of things do.