Saturday, October 07, 2006

Contrast, Last Year's Room Photo

In contrast, here is our view from last year's hotel, CHEAPER Waikiki Circle. We didn't stay there again because their beds were worn out. Other guests also said they were having a horrible time trying to sleep. We had a more comfortable time sleeping on the beach itself one afternoon. My husband said it would have been cheaper if we had stayed here again and ordered a new bed delivered there, and just donated it to the hotel. Heh. If we go again, we plan on looking into renting a condo somewhere else on the island and cooking our own meals. Much better.

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isaiah said...

OK, wait a minute- is there a BAD room on Waikiki..I mean it's all relative! But, I do know what you mean.

Having stayed at the Ilikai (the only place I've ever lodged in my whole ONE time in Hawaii) I wouldhave to say...this was a shitty view.

I have really enjoyed all the pictures and posts from the last few weeks. What fun!

You make me sick!