Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Vegan Jerky

Getting ready for vacation - making vegan jerky! Top photo is the dehydrator in action. Second photo is completed seitan jerky (wheat gluten; very high protein). Praise seitan! The last photo is a few pieces of finished tofu jerky, Hawaiian flavored. It looks like Spam, appropriate for a trip to Hawaii where they still serve Spam in restaurants as part of plate lunches! The tofu jerky is so good, it's worth the price of the dehydrator just to make that one item. I think even people who don't like tofu would like this jerky. It's seasoned with apple juice, savory spices, sugar, molasses, ginger, black and cayenne peppers. The recipe is from Sarah Kramer's cookbook (the one with the red cover).


Bethany said...

Yep, they eat more spam than anywhere in the world, I think. It was probably brought in by the military?

isaiah said...


One thing I do miss...especially when hiking. Have found various versions of veggie jerky...problem is... texture.

Would love a sample-

My son is a Boy Scout and he just planned his menu for an upcoming camping trip. One of his friends is a veggie, so they accommodated. I think its very kool, at 11, to be conscious of your diet. It's hard. I need to educate myself more for his needs. As a martial artist- I feel he needs his protein and don't mind at all his (or another’s) need to eat meat.

Pre-teens are funny with their diet. It's all about time and awareness.