Sunday, September 10, 2006

Madonna Yogini

Check out what Ashtanga yoga does for Madonna (age 47)! Whew! Maybe one day...these photos and below quote are from the BBC news. See the full article by clicking this post's title, above.

As we age, or if we lead an inactive lifestyle, collagen cross-links form in the tissues that connect our muscles.

Over time, this collagen build-up limits our range of movement and causes stiffness, but stretching helps break apart this build-up to enable us to move more freely.

The best forms of exercise for suppleness and flexibility are yoga and Pilates.

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Anonymous said...

...which brings up an interesting question: Is Yoga alone enough to keep you (classically) fit?

I know that was a title from an article in Yoga Journal a while back but I'm still not convinced I know the answer.

I still do Yoga quite a few times a week but am not sure it's as good for my cardiovascular health as say, a brisk walk or a run. Of course, I know it keeps my tissues soft, my range of motion fluid, my bloodflow open and even promotes some muscle in some postures...

...but how is it for cardiovascular health, weightloss, muscle building, etc?


(I suppose it depends on your STYLE or Yoga - hence your noting that it is the vigorous Ashtanga yoga that keeps Madonna fit...)