Friday, September 08, 2006

Kitchen Taking Shape

DH continues with the new kitchen he is building. Here you can see the cabinet he built for the new oven/micro combo. He placed the microwave on my eye level! And the oven is situated so that it will be level with the counters, for easy placement of hot pans. Can you believe it?

That white strip you see on the far side of the oven, is the form for a small concrete countertop he is creating next to the oven. Below the countertop and the oven will be storage cabinets. Another storage cabinet above the microwave.

On the far side of the small counter (towards the door frame) will be a tall cabinet for things like brooms.

Through the doorway you can see the current kitchen...whew that wallpaper has GOT to go! You can also see the new front loading washer we recently purchased, after the old machine gave up the ghost. Even DH could not fix it (that's saying something). The new front loader is AWESOME. You can fit twice the laundry, and it uses less water, AND it gets everything cleaner. Much cleaner.

The photo is just one small part of the new kitchen. There will also be a large L shaped counter next to the windows with sink and countertop stove, with seating and stools.

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