Friday, September 08, 2006

Hawaii - It's that good.

I always thought people's raves about Hawaii must surely be an exaggeration. When we went to Honolulu last year to visit with friends there, I didn't expect to enjoy being in a metropolis. Was I ever wrong. I had the absolute best vacation of my life there. The trade winds, the sun, the surf, the people watching. One day we rented a car and drove around the can also find deserted beaches and have solitude. Everywhere you look, there is gorgeous scenery. (must also mention, poverty was also in evidence, and the paper was chock full of ads for social work jobs)

We are now gearing up for another visit to Honolulu. Yesterday I went to drop some stuff at our thrift store, and the tote bag below was in the window waving at me. It's my new knitting bag! And the bottom photo is of DH, on last year's visit. It's too bad you can't see, that behind him is a HUGE banyan tree.

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