Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Airport Security

I've been following the new airport security rules with interest, after the first few days of the new rules when they weren't allowing lipstick on planes. I just have to have my lip balm! Finally, they have allowed lipstick again...but a look at the rules on shows how nonsensical rules can be, in my opinion.

BANNED AS CARRY ON (things I previously took):
drinking water
hand lotion
hand soap and antibacterial gel (interesting to me because airplane soap ALWAYS gives me a contact allergy rash and makes my skin peel off, no kidding. Previously I would bring my own hand soap or antibacterial gel.)

cigar cutters
you can't have soap, but you CAN have KY jelly! Is this to encourage the Mile High Club?
safety razors
scissors with pointed tips, 4 inches or less
wrenches and pliers, 7 inches or less
and 7 inch SCREWDRIVERS! Whaaaaat?

Somehow this acceptable list seems rather male, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

You must have missed the part about making explosives from gels. Small tools don't blow up planes. Seems rather like female insecurity, doesn't it?

Bethany said...

Just goes to show you no one knows what they're talking about. If boxcutters are banned (they are still, aren't they?), then shouldn't corkscrews and 7 inch screwdrivers be also?

We were watching one report on news about the potential to put something to make explosives in a bottle that one could actually drink from, making it look completely harmless. But then in another part of the report they said that when taking a baby bottle on board they make the parent drink from it to prove it is harmless. Um.... Meanwhile they could have something stuck down at the bottom of the baby bottle and security wouldn't be able to see it through the formula or milk!

If the security was good enough to catch those terrorists before they made the explosives, why isn't it still good enough?

Celeste said...

Hey Anonymous, if they are making them from gels, they can put it in the accepted KY tube, eh? Kind of defeats your hypothesis.

Celeste said...

P.S., Bethany, the TSA is not requiring that people drink from the baby bottles anymore, according to their website.

Bethany said...

Good. I think.

My brother-in-law recently came back from Prague and said that his carry on was never checked in Europe or Canada at all.