Monday, July 31, 2006

Headstand: Exhilaration!

Yesterday in yoga class I did a headstand for the first time, in the center of the room --- with only a little help from my two spotters. It was exhilarating! Of course, when I tried it by myself today, I could not do it. But now that I am over my fear of being completely upside down, I will keep working on it. Here is a photo of a headstand, although it is NOT a photo of me. And no, it doesn't hurt your head. The weight is in your arms, shoulders and lifting legs. It felt like joyous flying. Probably I was delirious from the blood rushing to my head. 8-)


deb said...

How do you keep from passing out? I used to do head-stands when I was younger, but it always gave me a headache when the blood rushed to my head!

Celeste said...

Interesting question. I never tried it as a child, but as an adult, there were preparatory moves to work up to being upside down.

I recently read in Rodney Yee's book, "8 Weeks Towards Balance", that many beginners make the mistake of staying upside down for too long. He says that in the beginning, your focus should be on the act of getting up, then coming back down.

I have also been taught that when you come down, you are to rest in Child's pose awhile before coming upright. The inclination is to come down from headstand and pop right up, that makes the blood rush around and can make you very dizzy.

Trev Diesel said...

Congrats! Breakthroughs are exciting.

Headstand is possibly my favorite pose. For some reason it just comes naturally to me.

That being said, my definate struggles are anything to do with my hamstrings. As a tall lanky guy, I have the shortest, tightest hamstrings imaginable. It makes many poses very difficult and something like Pashimottanasana nearly impossible. It's taken a long time for me to be able to sit straight up in a L-shaped seated Staff pose without leaning backwards or having my spine rounded.

And yet, we push on, don't we ? :)

isaiah said...

I really want to start Yoga but I've got this 'neck thing' to deal with first. Half the people I know that do yoga say, "oh start, it will fix the neck thing", the other half say, Wait."

I know that one day I will find my yoga groove- I can feel that it's a great exercise and know I would take to it fast. Plus, Cathy, my wife, thinks it's cool- and that's about as far into the spirit she's ever cared to venture. Gotta make room for it in my future.