Sunday, July 16, 2006

Fabulous Hawaiian Record Label

These days it seems when I hear a good song and buy the cd, all the other cuts on the cds are blah. Then I feel cheated.

Hope is restored with the Quiet Storms record label from Hawaii. I have three of their compilation albums and every cut on every album is fantastic. They get lots of play in my stereo.

The ones I like the best so far are in the "Island Roots" series. They feature a lot of tunes in the genre called "Jawaiian", a blend of happy reggae and rap. The term Jawaiian was coined by friends of my husband, two brothers in the Hawaiian band Simplisity - Andy and John Sexton. My husband, Mitch, and the brothers were the band Hawaiian Express when they all lived in Bakersfield, CA during high school.

The Sexton brothers now reside on Oahu. My husband got to sit in with Andy Sexton during a gig when we visited; he played keyboard. Andy introduced Mitch by saying he is a member of the band who has not showed up for gigs in 20 years. Heh. I know you will not believe me when I say the music played that night was on the level of Santana. But it is absolutely true.

One of Quiet Storms' albums, "Island Classics" has some Simplisity cuts that are mind blowing.

Since I purchased Quiet Storms albums while visiting Waikiki, I got to listen to them while traveling around the island. Now when I hear them at home, happy times are evoked. I can't wait for my next visit to Oahu.

Click on the title of this post to go directly to Quiet Storms' website. There, you can hear samples of the music and be transported yourself. There's a reason you always hear people raving about Hawaii.


Kurt said...

Hi Celeste,

My name is Kurt and I'm a friend John Sexton. I've been trying to track him (or Andy) down. If you know where I can reach either of them please call me at (808) 282-6835. I used to be John's neighbor on Moomuku St. I am a musician myself, and recorded two tunes by John and one by Brian that I'm trying to give them copies of. Mahalo.

Celeste said...

Kurt, I passed your number on via email to John but have not heard if he received it. Andy's email addresses were defunct.