Monday, July 31, 2006

Chattanooga Trip

This past weekend, I attended a yoga teacher training in Chattanooga. Once again I forgot to get a class photo! Below is a self-photo I took on an alternate route home that my husband recommended, which turned out to take me up and over a tall mountain on switchbacks. Great vista. Even though I crawled at about 10 mph over that mountain, the new route saved me about half an hour which is welcome on a long trip. And I got to drive through Hiawassee, which is always beautiful (big lake with mountains right to the waterline).

The other photos are of two churches across the street from each other, that were near the class site. I hope you will click on the photos to see them larger; the thumbnails really do not do them justice. The structures were absolutely amazing, even better in person. The closeup of the doors is of the red brick church. It's St. Paul's Episcopal Church, and their website has photos of the interior. They even have a labyrinth, wish I could have walked it! One of the other class participants told me that Chattanooga has been known as the "City of Churches".


Bethany said...

You know, you really haven't changed. That same smile!

Beautiful doors on that church.

isaiah said...

You do have a great smile- Chattanooga is awesome...the river is beautiful too!

You know, being that you're a therapist- I've always said that there's not too much that being on a river and in nature can't cure...if you spend enough time in nature, she whispers bewildering things deep into the soul.